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Big Electrical Data
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What is the CurrentSee Clip?

One CurrentSee Clip is dedicated to monitoring one wire in the main panel (i.e. 3 phase main panel requires 3 CurrentSee Clips) with the data transmitted to the cloud where users can access that information in a dashboard format that best suits their needs.


A unique feature of the CurrentSee Clip is that it wirelessly measures low voltage at the <300V level. This makes it a simple to install, non-invasive way to receive valuable information on how electricity is being used in a building. The flexibility of individual clips allows for widespread distribution of multiple sensors reporting to a single user interface which opens up a low cost energy data market to homeowners, business owners and service providers.


Over the coming months and years, we will release a spectrum of higher voltage sensors and tailored energy management software solutions for homes and businesses.

How can the CurrentSee Clip help me?

Real time high quality energy data is a valuable resource that empowers you to give confident answers when faced with expensive decisions. By installing these sensors at each panel in your electrical network, you gain real time knowledge and insight into energy consumption and asset management.

How much are you spending on each device?

Do you know when your devices are being used?

Do you know when devices need maintenance?

Do you know when your devices will fail?

Over time, the stored data provides a historical picture of energy usage data that can be used to identify cost savings opportunities, implement conservation strategies, and create reliable energy consumption forecasts.

CurrentSee Clip is the Proper Solution

Uses very little power to operate

Your electricity costs you money and we insist on using as little as possible. The CurrentSee Clip uses less than 1W of power to operate.

Very little intenet bandwidth to transmit

Your internet bandwith is an incredibly important resource that we respect by limiting our use of it. The CurrentSee Clip transmits less than 1MB of data a day.

Global solution for electrical energy monitoring

Electricity is universal, electrical networks are not. The CurrentSee Clip has been designed to work worldwide in any electrical environment under 300V.

Wirelessly measures voltage

Precision real time electricity measuring with a wireless device requires novel methods. The CurrentSee Clip uses a unique approach to measurement that allows it to wirelessly measure voltage.

Install once, everything else software

Whether you are an electrician or not, less time spent in a live electrical environment is better. The CurrentSee Clip is not battery operated and once installed, never needs attention again.


Simple Installation


The installation of the CurrentSee Energy Monitoring System does not interrupt power and only takes a few minutes


Technical Data

Product Name: 3DFS CurrentSee Clip2
Power draw: ~1W
Warranty: 2 years
Logging Values V, A, W, Wh, Hz, VA, VAR, THD,
Voltage: 0-300V, single channel
Current: 2-100A, single channel
Power: Any voltage/current combination
Operating temperature: -30°C − 70°C (-22°F − 158°F)
Max altitude: 4000m (13,000ft)
Max humidity: 90% up to 40°C, Selective coated PCB
Meas. category: III (fixed installation)
Location: Indoor or outdoor, inside enclosure
Pollution degree: 2
Enclosure Material: Flame-retardant ABS (UL94-V0)
Design & Manufacturing Origin: Made in the United States of America

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