The lowest cost,
easiest to install,
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Energy monitoring
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A World of Energy Data From Wireless Sensors

These small, passive sensors clip around individual power wires in the main panel and transmit the electrical energy flow data wirelessly creating incredible new opportunities for real time energy software applications.


Installing them in your homes and businesses will allow you to understand and manage demand and time of use billing to save money from day one and help you gain control of the relationship with your Utility.

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Passive Data

When devices are ON or OFF?

How much electricity each device uses in real time and cumulatively

(per hour/day/week etc.)

How much money each device costs in real time and cumulatively

Device level electricity usage profiles tracked over time

Actionable Data

Notifications when devices require maintenance

Notifications in advance when devices are going to fail

Alerts for unsustainable device operation contributing to excessive power waste

Energy usage and Predictive Analytics Forecasting

Where Is CurrentSee Used?

For Home

Low cost, passive monitoring system that allows a homeowner to stay on top of energy costs and stay ahead of home device failure.

Real-Time Energy Costs

Device Level Energy Profiles

Predictive Failure


For Business

Real-Time Device Level Energy Profiles give business owners the ability to remotely monitor the largest and most variable expenditures.

Device Level Energy Profiles

Real Time Usage Monitoring

Predictive Failure


As Business Services

Real Time Monitoring of distributed electrical networks through a centralized web interface opens up a new market for local electricians and other service providers.

Predictive Maintenance and Failure Notifications

Device level power bill reporting for clients

Passive Security for Facility

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